"Be empty, be still.
 Watch everything just come and go.

Emerging from the source.  Returning to the source.

This is the way of Nature."

 Lao Tzu - Father of Taoism

Contemporary floral tributes inspired by

Mother Earth and created for you, with our love





Our ethos is to create natural floral tributes using only locally sourced flowers, foliage, fruits, mosses, herbs, berries, nuts - whatever is growing at the time and not an air mile in sight!

I gather from my garden, woodland (where we hold our Forest Schools, courtesy of the Dawes family of Mount Ephraim Gardens) and local flower growers, to create stunning original bespoke and truly personal arrangements.

My style is free flowing, rural and seasonal - perhaps the way our ancestors would have honoured their departed loved ones with local, seasonal flowers and of course, gathered with love.


Clair   xxx


EarthCraft Floral Tributes

Part of EarthCraftuk Partnership 

Deal, Kent. 

Tel: 01304 612911 or 07789 254011