"The least of things with a meaning,
is worth more in life than the greatest of things without it."
Carl Jung -  Philosopher


Our tributes are seasonal, fresh and each one is unique. We feel this approach is a very fitting tribute to your unique loved one or friend who has passed away.

The flowers are to celebrate their unique life and we want to make the tributes as personal as we can.  Should you like us to include favourite flowers or indeed flowers from the departed`s own garden, please tell us.

To order, please just choose the shape and size of your tribute and leave the rest to us to create a beautiful arrangement in our own natural informal country style. We`ll create a tribute which is very natural, fresh & sourced locally - we have a personal mission of lowering the carbon footprint of funeral flowers, so unless specifically asked, we will not use imported flowers.

Our service to you is very personal and the arrangements for a funeral are very important and time critical.  For this reason, we have decided not to include a shopping cart on our site which would leave the details of this important day, to the mercy of the world wide web - we would much prefer to talk with you personally.

You can call Clair at any reasonable time on

Landline:  01304 612911

Mobile:  07789 254011 

or email