"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before beginning to improve the world"
Anne Frank (1929-45), Holland

EarthCraftuk Community Interest Company

We have the understanding that we, along with every human being, are just caretakers of this very special planet.  Through EarthCraftuk, we hope to play some small part in helping to create a world where the gifts of nature are sustained and enjoyed for generations to come.

EarthCraftuk Community Interest Company, is a non-profit organisation with our aims and objectives to firmly embed Forest School ethos and practice into the educational framework within the South East - we want to make a difference. We share the philosophy, that Nature is as important as food and sleep - we all need it to thrive!

Forest School Training

Forest School CPD

Forest School Programmes for all ages

Outdoor First Aid Training

KCC Camp Fire Management Award


Our Mission is:

For every child and young person in the South East to experience Forest School. If you feel the same, train with us and help make it happen - it will change your life too!